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The future of Palletizing

If you’re curious about what collaborative robots can do for you, you have come to the right place. Based on years of cobot palletizing experience, we have developed these insights. 

At Rocketfarm, we specialize in cobot palletizing and want to help you improve your business. We’re software developers and close partners with Universal Robots (UR), the largest cobot manufacturer.

Since working with our first customer in 2015, we have learned much about palletizing with cobots. Together with great partners and demanding customers around the globe, we have developed the fastest cobot palletizing software on the market.

“Our palletizing solution was installed in a day or two without shutting down the production line. From the time the hardware was installed, it was just a matter of hours, and we had cases placed on pallets as they should by Rocketfarms palletizing solution, not one of our staff.”

Evan Lewis, 

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In our case story section, you can read case stories of our customers who have invested in a cobot palletizing solution. Several customers have shared their experiences with our product, and we want to share these stories with you. 

We are very proud of the great results we have achieved together with our customers. 

If you are interested in getting inspired and learning more about the benefits of cobot palletizing, how to automate your palletizing, and how to do it successfully, visit our case story section here.

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