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In the lifetime (appr. 10 years) of a Palletizing Solution, I believe Pally is as important as the UR Robot itself.

Trond Olav Eek
CEO at Kameleon Robotics

“Digital Twin Simulations are a powerful tool and a great benefit to our customers. Verifying projects in real-time makes our quoting and sales process more effective and efficient.”
Parker Morris-Pinson, Inside Sales Specialist, Columbia Okura Parker Morris-Pinson
Inside Sales Specialist, Columbia/Okura
“We have used Pally for our palletizing solutions since 2019. With the Pally 3.0 release we see even faster and smoother palletizing. We’re thoroughly impressed by how Rocketfarm keeps improving palletizing with Universal Robots.”
magnus nilsson wallem automation engineer Magnus Nilsson Wallem
Automation engineer, Kameleon Solutions / Robotics, UR Gold Distributor and certified system integrator
I use the Pally Pallet Builder mainly for pallet optimization, to find better layer configurations and more secure patterns. It brings great value to my work since it’s easy to use and your tool makes the calculations and gives me many different options. The result for us has been better and smarter deliveries with less damaged goods.
peter ivarsson Peter Ivarsson
Deviation Coordinator, ICA Sweden
Installing the right palletizer is more complex than you think. The feasibility analysis from Rocketfarm is extremely accurate and has become a “must have” when proposing palletizing solutions to customers.
Emil Nissfolk, Project engineer, Kameleon Group Emil Nissfolk
Kameleon Robotics AB, Swedish distributor, integrator and UR Gold Partner
The power and possibilities with the Pally Package helps us tremendously in situations when we get surprised by the palletizing complexity that we weren’t told about beforehand. Instead of having to do complicated coding onsight to solve an issue, we can easily enter the new specs and Pally solves the complexities for us. To the incredible satisfaction for the customer.
Khaled Chamari
Executive Director, BINDER Magnetism & Engineering, S.L
One of our cobots have been working around the clock for two years, with no exceptions. If we should have had our employees to do the same job manually would salary and social cost, quickly have been close to 200k USD a year
production manager knut thomassen maskinpakking Knut Thomassen
Head of Production, Maskinpakking AS
Pally is the brain behind our cobot palletizing solution miniPAL®. The software allows miniPAL® to do more and to benefit more customers. We build the hardware and Rocketfarm builds the software, allowing us to create the best possible solution..
Jason Brewer together with small cobot palletizing solutions Jason Brewer
Robotic Systems Integration Engineer, Columbia/Okura LLC
In the lifetime (appr. 10 years) of a Palletizing Solution, I believe Pally is as important as the UR Robot itself.
Trond Olav Eek CEO of the kameleon group Trond Olav Eek
CEO at Kameleon Robotics
Our palletizing solution was installed in a day or two without shutting down the production line. From the time the hardware was installed, it was just a matter of hours, and we had cases being placed on pallets as they should by Rocketfarms Palletizing Solution, not one of our staff.
Evan Lewis
CEO at Aegir Brewery
The cobot palletizers are the robots we have with highest operating time and lowest running costs
Inghild Lysne Sanden, factory manager, Nortura Sogndal Inghild Lysne Sanden
Factory Manager Nortura Sogndal
Pally is at the heart of our palletizing offering. Our partnership with Rocketfarm is a pragmatic and friendly cooperation. When we suggest improvements, the Rocketfarm team often comes back with better solutions.
Emil Nissfolk, Project engineer, Kameleon Group Emil Nissfolk
Engineer, Kameleon Group
TaylorMade associates remain excited and enthused to work side by side with our new Robo Temp that has taken the heavy repetitive lifting motions out of their standard work tasks.
kenny rhinehart Kenny Rhinehart
Director of Operations at the TaylorMade Golf Ball plant in South Carolina
Several factors led us to choose Pally as the software for ALCA Palletizers. For years we have seen how the software enables easy installation and is very reliable. Pally also enables us to eliminate time consuming programming of all the patterns requested by the customer.
Alessio Carignola
Owner, ALCA Technologies S.r.l.
On top of the automated pallet stacking, which is really nice, the pallet configurations with cartons and being able to freely stack and edit the layers is the best I have come across. No other programs allows the complete customization of every single layer.
Johnathan Halamamao
Warehouse and Logistics Manager, Oceanic Food
We’re very happy to have chosen Rocketfarm to develop the URCap for our lifting column, ELEVATE®. They were in the upper price range, but definitely the right choice and worth the money. Their application competency and services are outstanding. We can recommend Rocketfarm for URCap development.
Heiko Kleineder Heiko Kleineder
Business Developer TECHLINE, Linak A/S
MKS is a toll manufacturing company with a large variety of different packages. So far we could not use a robot to palletize these packages with the high number of pallet patterns. Now we have just bought a Universal Robot UR10 to do this job. Rocketfarm’s Pally Software is an essential help for us to bring the pallet patterns into the robot in an extremely easy way.
uwe robben ceo mks Dr. Uwe Robben
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter (CEO), MKS GmbH & Co. KG
By using the Pally software we could choose the best palletizing components on the market and trust that it’s all perfectly linked together. As we want to scale sales, the speed of commisioning with Pally and MyRobot.cloud is a huge benefit for our sales team. They can focus on the customer, knowing that the software will handle the palletizing.
Alessio Carignola
Owner, ALCA Technologies S.r.l.
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