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Who are we?

We are software experts and recommended developers for Universal Robots. We are approved UR+ developers with great experience in URCap development.

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This is Rocketfarm

We have worked with Cobots since 2012 and have since gained experience in a wide range of cobot applications in Industry 4.0. At Rocketfarm we focus on developing our own UR+ approved software to unleash the potential for cobots. We also advice, consult and develop specialised URCaps for small and large companies all over the world.

Our location is the picturesque Norwegian town of Sogndal located just by the fjord and at the foot of the mountains. It’s the most activity friendly place in all of Norway. This allows us to attract the most skilled employees and keep them here.

Our people is the reason we are the best in the game.

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Our team

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