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Become a partner of our UR+ approved palletizing software and join our global network of experts. Offer the market-leading palletizing solution you’ve always wanted, and become and succeed as a palletizing solution provider.

Rocketfarm is a Strategic Palletizer Partner for Universal Robots. We have been working with cobot palletizing since 2015 and have hundreds of palletizing solutions installed and running – all over the world.

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The best things happen in collaboration

Here are the three main criteria for becoming a successful solution provider and what we request from you to establish a great partnership:

  1. Solution-focused – Our approach to selling cobot palletizers is to empower our partners to offer standardized solutions, providing a superior product at a competitive price while allowing for hardware flexibility. This helps them make money while also delivering the best palletizing solution.
  2. Sales organization – Offering a standard solution to the market allows you to streamline your sales processes. With Rocketfarm, you gain key advantages for sales success, including to speed up your sales process and a dedicated focus on lead generation.
  3. Willingness to invest in palletizing – The final and perhaps most crucial element. For us to win together, we expect you to invest in palletizing. We’ve invested millions in palletizing and will continue to develop our palletizing offering!

Let’s win the market together!

Mutual benefits

A partnership with Rocketfarm will provide several benefits for your company. Some of them are: 

  • Include our top-tier Pally, dPally, and rePally software in your palletizing system and become a complete palletizing solution provider.
  • Get access to the lead-generation tool you’ve been searching for. The Fast Track will elevate sales efforts and customer engagement.
  • Become our local contact for manufacturers (we supply qualified leads to our local partners).
  • Access to our robot management platform Simulate your projects, store your solutions, and get and keep track of all your customers. All in one secure place. Click here for a free 30-day trial. 
  • Thanks to years of experience in palletizing, we can assist you with any request your customers may have.

Want to know more? Download this flyer for more benefits:

Our commitment to you

We offer everything we have learned in nearly 8 years of cobot palletizing, with hundreds of installations and millions invested in our software.

You pay for the Pally Demo License and Technical Integration to and get access to the following:

  • – The Palletizing Robot Management Platform
  • Lead Generation through the MRC Fast Track
  • Forwarding of qualified leads from us to you
  • Project Consulting
  • Technical and Commercial Onboarding
  • Access to the Support Portal
  • Distribution discount license (20%)

And much more. Please reach out to know more.

Great things happen in collaboration

We go to great lengths to support our partners. We strive for excellence in palletizing and expect a lot of ourselves. The best solutions come from collaboration; we highly value working with our partners worldwide.

Our vision is that our joint efforts will provide optimal solutions to complex manufacturing projects. 

Here are the steps to become a partner of Rocketfarm:

Egil Mundal CEO Rocketfarm

“We’re looking to partner with companies ready to start and grow their palletizing sales. We have tools and knowledge to help you succeed with cobot palletizing in your region.”

Egil Mundal
CEO, Rocketfarm

kameleon and rocketfarm partner

The partners we work with

Our global partner network includes solution providers, distributors, and automation specialists in over 20 countries worldwide. Please have a look at them here.

All these solutions are powered by Pally to offer the best and cheapest solutions to their customers.

Want to be a part of it all? Please reach out.

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