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This is our cobot palletizing case stories section. Throughout this section, you can read case stories from our customers that have invested in a cobot palletizing solution.

We want to share these stories with you, as they shows some of the possibilities of what you can do with automation.

We are very proud of the great results we have achieved together with our customers.

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Cobot palletizing case stories

Learn from case stories

If you are eager to learning more about the benefits of cobot palletizing, how to automate your palletizing, and how to do it successfully, you have come to the right place.

Some of our many happy customers have shared their stories.

Read about how Maskinpakking AS automated their palletizing process in order to stay competitive or how a cobot palletizer is solving labor struggles at TaylorMade.

Learn more about the Pally installation at Ægir Brewery

Get inspired by cobot palletizing case stories

By reading our case stories, you may pick up a few tips and tricks about cobot palletizing. Also, you may gain valuable insight on how to automate successfully.

Our customer’s advice can make the difference for your cobot palletizing success. If you’re looking for more in-depth articles on subjects related to cobots, palletizing and automation, you can find some great readings in our insights section.

Why cobot palletizing?

When you use cobots from Universal Robots to perform palletizing tasks, you can free your employees from their least favorite tasks. Humans don’t need to do repetitive, tearing and possibly hurting tasks, that cobots are perfectly fitted to do.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that cobots are great collaborators, as they are different from typical industrial robots. With a cobot palletizing solution, your employees can work side-by-side with the cobot. You do not need big fences and a lot of free space. Cobot palletizing solutions can have a major impact on productivity which equals a very short ROI. Often within 1 year of installation

Read about cobots vs robots

How to automate your palletizing?

Cobot palletizing made easy for you. You are now only three steps away from getting your project validated with our Digital Twin Simulations.

Learn more about validating your palletizing project

If your project is verified, we will connect you with an integrator in your area. 

Pally enables complex palletizing
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