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Easy-to-use palletizing software

You want a complete
palletizing solution that
will solve your needs.

Luckily Pally, our palletizing software, is designed to do just that. The Pally URcap is smooth, flexible, and quick to install. And we have certified resellers worldwide who are hardware, installation, and training experts.

What Pally will do for you is to make the robot incredibly easy to operate, it is compatible with most hardware on the market, so our partners can choose the solution that fits your current (and future) needs. And if necessary, they can help you with hardware upgrades down the road. Pally makes life easier for your operators and ensures you get the best possible palletizing solution.

Click the link if you just want to dive into the technical features of Pally

With the Cobot Palletizing Search Engine (Pally software is integrated) can provide you with an upfront verification of your project within 1 hour. It will even match you with possible solution providers based on your region.

Our worldwide reseller network and their cobot palletizing solutions allows you to shop locally and get the support you need. Our partners can install a palletizing solution, and get it up and running in just 1 day. With a delivery time as low as just 30 days.

What can a Pally UR Robot Palletizer handle?

If your products and CPM requirements are within the light blue or dark blue area, then a Pally Palletizing Solution can handle your palletizing needs.

Let us help you with an upfront verification of your specific palletizing project.

palletizing with ur and pally

Compatibility with UR robots

UR+ approved

Pally is the leading palletizing software for Universal Robots. It is future-proof, cost-effective, and compatible with UR10, UR16, UR20 and UR30 (E- and CB-series).

Pally is widely recognized as the most advanced and user-friendly palletizing software available in the UR+ Ecosystem.

Rocketfarm Palletizing Guide

How to get started

With Rocketfarm’s “Fast Track to Cobot Palletizing,” you can verify your project in just 5 minutes. Within an hour, you’ll receive detailed insights straight to your inbox. The platform uses the most accurate simulation tool to engineer, test, and propose a palletizing solution that meets your requirements. 
Make informed decisions to drive your operations to new heights!

Empower your palletizing projects

We take pride in collaborating with the world’s top cobot palletizing companies
to deliver exceptional solutions. Here is an overview of the cobot palletizing solutions with the Pally software, which can help enhance the hardware and operators’ performance.

trond olav eek ceo of the kameleon group

“In the lifetime (appr. 10 years) of a Palletizing Solution, I believe Pally is as important as the UR Robot itself”

Trond Olav Eek
CEO, Kameleon Robotics, Rocketfarm Partner

Roadmap to installation

Installing the right palletizer is more complex than you think. The feasibility analysis from Rocketfarm is extremely accurate and has become a “must have” when proposing palletizing solutions to customers.

Emil Nissfolk
Kameleon Robotics AB, Swedish distributor, integrator and UR Gold Partner

Emil Nissfolk, Project engineer, Kameleon Group

Not exactly sure what you need?

You can find much more information about cobot palletizing in our Resource Center. Or reach out to our Sales Team and schedule a demo.

We will get back to you within 24 hours on working days.

You can benefit from this if:

You are not sure if UR can palletize your products

You are unsure about your pallet data

You want to know more about Pally and Cobot Palletizing

The cobot palletizers are the robots we have with highest operating time and lowest running costs.

Inghild Lysne Sanden
Factory Manager, Nortura Sogndal

Inghild Lysne Sanden, factory manager, Nortura Sogndal
Universal Robots Palletizing, UR CAP, Cobots, Collaborative Robots, OPC UA Universal Robots, Pally palletizing, cobot software, Palletizing software, Software Industry 4.0, Rocketfarm Software, Automation software, UR Cap developer

3 Reasons to choose a Pally Palletizing Solution

Flexible to changes in production
Switch between patterns without downtime and without reprogramming the software. Easily add new products in the future.

Increased safety
With the most advanced multi-pick possibilities on the market, a Pally solution will be able to lower the robot’s moving speed and thereby increase safety while still reaching your requirements. Lower speed also enhances the longevity of the robot.

Short ROI in less than 1 year
With the ability to select the most suitable hardware and ease of use, your return on investment will be achieved within a year or less, especially if you operate multiple shifts.

Verify your Palletizing Project today

  1. Spend 5-10 minutes in – Fast Track to Cobot Palletizing
  2. Allow the simulation to complete in the cloud (within 1 hour)
  3. Receive complete project report & visualization
  4. Share with colleagues and decision makers
Rocketfarm employees with EasyRobotics, UR and Pally palletizing solution

Technical Features of Pally URCap:

  • Quick and easy, no-code installation
  • Compatible with UR10, UR16, UR20 and UR30
  • Intelligent multi-picking, up to 30 boxes/min
  • Optimized pick up gripper orientation
  • Higher productivity and/or increased safety
  • 1 or 2 pallets
  • Partial Pallet
  • Unlimited height with dynamic position
  • Use your preferred hardware (Frame, Lifting Column, EOAT)
  • Minimize your time on-site for training and
  • Shim paper support
  • Optimized path planning and Smart Exit options
  • Installation and calibration wizard

Learn more about the features by reading the user manual below or visiting our Pally Knowledge Base


Interactive interface designed for operators.

  • Available in 13 languages
  • Real-time palletizing data
  • Easily active next pallet
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