Build your palletizing pattern and get a simulation today!

The Pallet Builder is a vital part of our palletizing software. This is where you design your palletizing patterns, visualize the pallet and export the pattern directly to the robot.

You don't even need a robot to test it. Actually you can build your current patterns and test out if a collaborative robot can do your palletizing. It takes less than 5 minutes.

Get a simulation of your project

Immediately afterwards we offer a free simulation.

With a simulation you'll can validate your palletizing project and see real-time, how your palletizing would look if you implement the Pally software.

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fast installation

Maximum installation time: 1 day


Teach three points per pallet and one point per pickup position. Let the installation wizard guide you through the configuration


PALLY - Palletizing SOFTWARE

Complex palletizing made easy

Pally is a palletizing URcap designed to be smooth, flexible and quick to install. This palletizing software gives you full automation of palletizing and lets you handle changes in production with ease. With no downtime.
With Pally your palletizing project is up and running in just 1 day.

With the intuitive user interface and the included Pallet builder our palletizing software makes it possible to switch between palletizing patterns without reprogramming or stop in production.

Rocketfarm specializes in software development for Universal Robots. We are recommended developers for UR and UR+ certified.

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Pally URCap

Our URCap holds all the advanced code to make the UR robot palletize smoothly. We put a great effort into making the setup easy and the interface user-friendly.

Our step by step calibration wizard is completed before you have emptied your cup of coffee!

Pallet builder

Create any palletizing pattern you like in our web-based user-friendly interface, and export it by USB to the robot.

No downtime when creating the pattern, and no reprogramming needed to change the patterns! 

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