Improve your cobot palletizing sales by delivering project
verification and quotes in hours, not weeks.

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piab logo is a palletizing robot management platform.

This is a suite of cloud-based software tools, designed to streamline and enhance all stages of the palletizing solution lifecycle. Digital twin technology is at its foundation, allowing you to create incredibly accurate “digital robots” – which are based on the exact same hardware and software stacks used by actual real-life robots. 

The robot management platform is for all UR cobots, in palletizing, and the entire lifecycle of those robots worldwide. Rocketfarm’s proprietary digital twin technology enables it.

We believe that all industrial processes will happen twice in the future.

  1. In the factory and
  2. In the digital twin representation of the factory

What will this do for you today?

  • Deliver project verification digitally in 1 hour
  • Find the best cobot palletizing solution for your exact costumer by engineering in the cloud
  • Deliver quotes faster and spend significantly fewer hours in your sales process

The problem

Purchasing a robot solution is complicated. Some of the reasons are because of the traditional robotics value chain, which has highly inefficient processes. They limit adoption. 

(Blue arrow: Products, Red arrow: manual processes)

The solution

The management platform significantly improves value chain processes, increasing robot adoption.

(Blue arrow: Products, Green arrow: Digitized Processes) benefits

Functionalities with include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Be in charge of your own projects: makes it possible for you to create a digital representation of your unique palletizing solution. 
  • Validate the feasibility of your project: Determine feasibility before investing. This allows you to address the majority of palletizing requests without the need to custom engineer each project. Variations on your solution can also easily be created and tested simultaneously within an hour. 
  • Digital Twin Simulations: Our simulation tool produces results that come as close to reality as possible. It creates a ”digital twin” of your palletizing solution, and runs on the same software stack and is subject to the same limitations as a physical cobot. Numerous hardware and software configurations can be simulated at once. Detects any issues digitally.
  • Perform a digital Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the project, to shorten the pre-project lead time and to lower the overall cost of a palletizing solution.
  • Receive a shareable video and performance report of the solution.
  • The Digital Twin allows for easy remote support and verification of future changes in production.
  • By adding your solution to, your product will become eligible for lead generation (services).

The world’s first cobot palletizing search engine!

Part of is our “Fast Track to Cobot Palletizing,” a cobot palletizing search engine tool designed to match customers with solution providers. It is our latest product service for you to use, free of charge.

The 3D simulation video shows a digital cobot for palletizing specific products to customers. By entering basic information about the product, choosing the pattern, and selecting the desired patterns, the customer will receive a Digital Twin Simulation. The customer also gets a detailed project report, including all the technical details needed to make a qualified purchase decision – all within 1 hour!

Together, the simulation and the project report will act as an upfront verification of your project – meaning that the suggested solution will work in real life.

As a partner, you’ll also have access to Fast Track Partner Edition through your channels.

UR20 robot

Based on unique insights

  • Ten years of solving robot challenges
  • Eight years of experience in cobot palletizing
  • Three years of development of solution
  • 1000+ actual user cases tested pre-launch 

How to use

(for manufacturers)

Take advantage of today to drive efficiency and growth!

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