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Industry leading palletizing software for collaborative robots soon available for Doosan Robotics.
To be released Fall 2024

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Pally for Doosan enables you to offer a more cost-effective palletizing solution that maintains high-end quality, while delivering exceptional adaptability for a wide range of project requirements.

3 reasons to choose Pally for Doosan palletizing solutions

Increased Efficiency

  • Optimized Operations: The software optimizes palletizing patterns to maximize space utilization and minimize cycle times, ensuring efficient and effective operations.
  • Reduced Training Costs: The intuitive interface and remote support capabilities significantly reduce training costs and the need for on-site technical interventions, streamlining the entire implementation process.
  • Easy Setup: The setup process is made easy with a user-friendly wizard on the module, allowing you to get started quickly with minimal hassle and downtime.

Flexibility and Scalability

  • Versatility: The palletizing software allows robots to handle various products, sizes, and pallet configurations, adapting easily to different production requirements.
  • Expandable System: As production demands increase, the system can be scaled up with additional robots or software upgrades, requiring minimal changes to the existing setup.
  • Effortless Pattern Changes: Switch patterns seamlessly without reprogramming the software or causing downtime, easily accommodating different products, sizes, and pallet configurations.

Cost Savings and Short ROI

  • Competitive Pricing: With competitive pricing and the ability to precisely customize hardware for each project, you can provide your customers with a high-quality palletizing solution at a price that will win you projects, while maintaining or improving your margin.
  • Rapid ROI: This solution delivers a return on investment in a year or less, making it a financially sound choice.
owner ALCA tech

By using the Pally software we could choose the best palletizing components on the market and trust that it’s all perfectly linked together. As we want to scale sales, the speed of commisioning with Pally and is a huge benefit for our sales team. They can focus on the customer, knowing that the software will handle the palletizing.

Alessio Carignola
Owner, ALCA Technologies S.r.l.

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