Doosan Robotics Partners with Rocketfarm on Palletizing Solutions

Rocketfarm’s Pally Software will complement Doosan’s Robotics Cobots to create efficient and comprehensive Palletizing Solution across various industries

Plano, TX, June 27, 2024 –Doosan Robotics Inc., one of the world’s leading collaborative robot (cobot) manufacturers, formed a strategic partnership with Rocketfarm, a premier provider of palletizing software. The integration of Rocketfarm’s Pally software with Doosan Robotics’ cobots will streamline palletizing efficiencies across the food and beverage, automotive and consumer packaged goods industries, among others.

“This partnership exemplifies Doosan’s commitment to democratizing automation and making advanced robotics technology more accessible to business of all sizes from numerous industries. Our solutions are safe, efficient and creative as they transform work processes and complex scenarios.”

Alex Lee, President of Doosan Robotics Americas.

Rocketfarm’s Pally software is smooth, flexible, and quick to install making robots easy to operate and providing a comprehensive solution to palletizing systems. Doosan’s industry-leading cobots offer superior safety, payload capacity, and reach, expanding the possibilities for palletizing applications. Rocketfarm’s Pally software paired with Doosan’s top-of-line cobots will create a palletizing system that is simpler, faster, and more versatile than ever before.

“We are dedicated to providing more accessible and efficient palletizing automation solutions for companies around the world. Expanding our capabilities with innovative partners such as Doosan Robotics aligns with that commitment while expanding our Pally software capabilities.”

Egil Mundal, CEO of Rocketfarm

The Rocketfarm partnership is the latest example of Doosan Robotics redefining the industry. The company recently unveiled the  P-SERIES (PRIME-SERIES) at Automate 2024 with the introduction of the P3020, the world’s most powerful palletizing cobot. The P3020 offers a payload of 30kg (66lbs) and reach of 2,030mm (80in), bringing the ability to palletize from floor to 2m high (stacking up to 10 layers of boxes approximately 8 inches tall) using its simple fixed base without a lift.

Doosan Robotics is driven by a vision to elevate everyday experiences and redefine labor workflows. Visit for more information.

About Doosan Robotics

Doosan Robotics is a global leader in collaborative robot solutions, embodying the principle of ‘Innovation in every motion, revolutionizing the way we work.’ Doosan robots, known for world-class safety and precision, enhance task efficiency across various sectors from manufacturing to service, enabling people to focus on more valuable work. More information about Doosan Robotics is available at

About Rocketfarm

Rocketfarm is a leading provider of palletizing software solutions and is renowned for its innovative Pally software. With Rocketfarm’s solutions, palletizing processes are simplified, optimized, and user-friendly across various industries. More information about Rocketfarm is available here or you can sign up to our newsletter and get information right in your inbox.

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