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Latest version

rePally 3.2.3

This is a bugfix release for v3.2.2.

Important bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Show Mode program could stop with an uninitialized variable error.
  • Fixed an issue where the program did not find a suitable lifting column position for boxes that can be reached by moving the lifting column further down after picking the box from the conveyor.

Other improvements

  • Bulgarian translation of the operator interface added. (BETA)
  • Lifting column control has been improved to complete motion before the robot starts approaching the box drop target position.

rePally 3.2.2

This is a bugfix release for v3.2.1.

Important bug fixes

  • Fixed a critical issue where the program could drop boxes before reaching the final target position on the pallet. The error could occur in projects that use special grippers defined by gripper.json.

Other improvements

  • Added a troubleshooting option to mark a pattern “verified” manually if otherwise not possible. Manually verified patterns will appear with a blue check mark in Verified Patterns.
  • Removed gripper.json from the list of selectable patterns.
  • Possible to change the pallet center point in beforeZone by using palletmanager_daemon.write_key_value_static(str_cat(“center_of_pallet_“, PalletNr), new_center)
  • Improvements related to virtualized simulation systems.

rePally 3.2.1

This is a bugfix release for v3.2.0.

Important bug fixes

  • Fixed a critical issue where the URCap stopped with “Null pointer exception” after installing a new license
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with very old gripper.json files

Other improvements

  • Piab CPT-300 grippers default TCP offset updated

rePally 3.2.0

This new release focuses on making the installation and troubleshooting process easier.



The new Gripper layout visualizer tool provides an illustration of what the robot thinks about the gripper. Especially for multi-zone custom grippers that are defined by a gripper.json file, this tool will help understand possible configuration errors. Each vacuum zone is displayed in a different color, and the TCP offsets and rotations are shown relative to the robot tool flange.


Now it is possible to inspect the license contents before uploading. The program will check the license contents and display a warning if the license on the USB is not appropriate for any reason.

Pattern verification warning before Active Plan expires

The robot program can now check all existing pallet patterns and inform the user about patterns that haven’t been completely tested. This process will automatically run at the first program start every day when the Active Plan expires within 30 days.

Warning on the Program Node before Active Plan or License expires

The program node will display a warning already 30 days before the active plan or the whole license expires.

New logic for lost vacuum signal

The logic for lost vacuum signal has been completely redesigned. The program will no longer repeat the last unsuccessful box position automatically without user action.


  • More accurate error messages when a position cannot be palletized.
  • Bug fixes related to virtualized simulation environments.


  • Added a reminder on the Patterns page to test new patterns after uploading.
  • Rewritten a text on the Gripper page, describing how and when to use a custom TCP.
  • Added a new boolean variable rf_gripper_align_to_edges to enable or disable gripper-to-box edge alignment for large grippers.
  • Added a new boolean variable rf_allow_same_pattern to allow palletizing the same pattern on both pallets in Dual Product mode.

Now it possible to change the pallet center reference point by using the following statement in the beforePallet callback:
palletmanager_daemon.write_key_value_static(str_cat(“center_of_pallet_”, PalletNr), new_center)
This makes it possible to switch between multiple pallet calibrations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team if you have questions!

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  • rePally 3.2.3 User Manual

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