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Oftentimes operators and the production employees on the ground are sceptical to introducing a robot to the production facility. There’s a lot of uncertainty and rumours about robots, but our experience is that employees are hugely satisfied with the robot after installation. When they see that the robot is not there to replace them, but to improve the working environment and relive people from doing robotic jobs.

Read the full story of our the Cobot palletizing solutions at Maskinpakking, a leading co-packinging company in scandinavia.

Avoid the initial scepticsm

From our experience many companies experience some unecessary resistance from the employees and operators before new automation projects are installed. We have gathered 5 tips to prepare your employees for cobot automation, which can help you avoid the initial resistance and sceptism. Read the article and make the implementation of robots much easier and accepted at your production line.

Because it is unnecessary. We have yet to experience a company who have installed a cobot palletizing solution, where the employees are not super satisfied with the solution. We believe that most employees feel the same as Claus, the packaging manager at Ægir Brewery:

We want to improve work environment

It’s a Rocketfarm core value that we want to improve the working environment at our customers production. People shouldn’t do a robots job. And palletizing is certainly a robot job. It’s not as simple as most people think to automate, but once Pally is installed the movements are the same over and over again. It’s heavy, it’s dull and potentially dangerous to the health of the employees. In other words it’s the perfect job for a robot.

Evan Lewis CEO at aegir brewery

In our business all of the employees took part in the palletizing from time to time, but it wasn’t a popular task. They hated it, to be honest.

Evan Lewis
CEO at Aegir Brewery

Production manager Knut Thomassen at Maskinpakking

We’re talking very big volumes. For some products an order is 600 pallets. With manual palletizing our employees could have workdays where they moved 7 tons.

Knut Thomassen
Maskinpakking AS

Empower your operators

By automating your palletizing process you can empower your operators and have them do more human work, by using their skills to operate the robot and ensure that it is always running and palletizing the way it should. With a Pally Palletizing solution you can get access to Pally Operator Panel (POP), which is a user-friendly operator panel.

POP lets your employees opreate the robot through a simple and easy-to-use interface. It also presents useful data about the palletizing process in real time. You can also use the POP to confirm Left or Right pallet for palletizing. This might sound simple, but no other palletizing solution offers an operator panel like this. And the POP is available in 11 different languages, to make is easy-to-use and accessible for every operator.

Illustration of Pally operator panel and the URcap

Learn more about the Pally Operator Panel

Your operators will be able to use their skills better and do less robotic work and more human work. A cobot palletizer is not here to steal anyones job. It’s here to improve the jobs of your employees.

The people we have in our organization are very experienced, educated, and they bring a lot to the business. So why did I hire a robot? For the same reason I’ve done a lot a choices in the business: I don’t want to wear my people out.

Evan Lewis
CEO at Ægir Brewery

Evan Lewis CEO at aegir brewery

Get Started now

The right time for automation is now. And it’s easy to get started. You can get started in three easy steps and it will take you less than 10 minutes.

  1. Enter the Fast Track to Cobot Palletizing
  2. Provide us with some basic information about your product, pattern and region
  3. Get a simulation and a project report within one hour

A simulation and a project report from Rocketfarm is your upfront verification of your cobot palletizing project. It will even match you with available solutions in your region.

It uses advanced digital twin technology to precisely imitate the performance of a UR Cobot Palletizer for your specific product. This is the easiest, the cheapest and the best way to start your road towards an automated palletizing solution.

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