About us

Our goal is to become the preferred supplier of robot and automation solutions for the industry.  

Who are we?

Rocketfarm AS deliver robots and technology to the industry. With a base in the country’s most active village, Sogndal, we have dedicated people who are happy at work and got every activity you can think of just outside the door.

The marked is international and national. We deliver technical solutions to customers as Nortura, Norsun, Difi, and Hydro, and robot solutions to customers both in Norway and internationally, including software solutions to Universal Robots own marketplace, UR+.

The start of Rocketfarm

We wanted to establish a company with long term growth and personal well-being. How did we solve this? We found the most activity friendly village in Norway – as well as being a good help for startup companies. So we started our own company, but we didn’t find a time-tracking system we liked. And how did we solve this? We just made our own, with the bright brains of our own.

And this how the history of Rocketfarm AS in 2008 started.

Rocketfarm 2018

Today have a managed to take a position as a young, developing robotic and technology company. The combination of professional challenge and majestic nature has give us several cybernetics and developers to Sogndal. We have become 15 rocketfarmers, with a solid #brainpower. This makes us prepared to solve complex technology issues.

pally, urcap, ur cap, opc-ua
pally, urcap, ur cap, opc-ua