Release the Industry 4.0 potential of your Universal Robot with the OPC UA URCap license developed by Rocketfarm AS.

From our background specializing in advanced use cases of robotics by using our computer science and cybernetics background, we are well suited to develop URCaps. Our skills are in vision systems, flexible applications, Industry 4.0, IoT and artificial intelligence. The team consists of 16 highly motivated people with a passion for technology.

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How does it work?

The URCap works as both server and client, you can configure it based on your needs.

The OPC UA URCap translates variables in the UR robot program variable to OPC UA variables and sends the variables over network to the desired OPC UA Server/Client.

The OPC UA URCap also receives variables over network from other OPC UA Servers and translate them to variables in the UR robot program.

The URCap is compatible with both CB3 and eSeries!

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  • Communicate with your EPR/MES.

    Get your robot online to communicate with your EPR/MES and get live data and feedback.

  • Switching between tasks or different products.

    You can run the robot as a slave by sending parameters/commands from the EPR/MES, switching between tasks or different products.

  • Live data to the ERP/MES.

    The robot can report back with live data to the ERP/MES.

  • No more waiting or faulty reports, and full traceability.

    No more waiting for that end of day-report, no faulty reports and full traceability of your production.

  • Increase flexibility.

    Increase flexibility in your system by making your production less dependent on the technicians and operators.