The Advanced Palletizing Application is a flexible palletizing kit, customizable to your needs. With a UR robot, the Pally software, gripper of your choice, sensors, and mounting base or optional lifting column and frame, you can build a high performing palletizer.

The kit consists of a UR robot, the Pally software; the Pally Pallet Builder, the Schmalz FXCB or Unigripper Co/Light*, sensors by SICK, a mounting base or frame, for instance the EasyPalltizer by EasyRobotics, and optional the lifting column LIFTKIT by Ewellix.
*or any gripper of your choic

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Features and advantages

Up to 10/20 products per min (single/double grip)

Pallet size (EUR/US/custom size)

1 or 2 pallets

Optimized path planning for longevity of robot

Gripper of your choice

High pallets through lifting column support (up to 2.15m)

Shim paper support or interlocking layers


pallet builder

In our web-based and user-friendly Pallet Builder, you can create any palletizing pattern. Export it by USB directly to your robot.

This means no downtime and no reprogramming needed to change patterns on your pallet.

Try the Pallet Builder now

pally urcap

We have made a great effort to make the interface user-friendly and the setup easy. Our URCap, the Pally software, has the code to make the UR Robot palletize smoothly. Which translates into better palletizing and improved longevity for the robot.

Our step by step calibration wizard is  so easy, that you won't have emptied your coffee before it's completed