PALLY - UR Palletizing

Complex palletizing made easy

Pally is a URCap designed for flexible, smooth, and a quick to install solution. Full automation of palletizing and a great flexibility to handle changes in production. The included intuitive pattern generator allows you to easily create the desired pallet layout.
In just one day, your palletizing project is up and running.

Pally Pallet Builder

Pally is the missing link for the rapid deployment of a complete palletizing solution. You can use grippers, sensors and other hardware of your choice to build a high performing and easy to sell palletizer.

Pattern Generator

Create any box pattern you like in our web-based user friendly interface, and export it by USB to the robot. No programming needed to change patterns!

Pally URCap

We have made a great effort to make the setup easy. Our step by step calibration wizard is completed before you have emptied your cup of coffee!

Up to 10/20 products per min (single/double grip)

Pallet size (EUR/US/custom size)

1 or 2 pallets

Optimized path planning for longevity of robot

Gripper of your choice

Lifting column support

Shim paper support or interlocking layers


fast installation

Maximum installation time: 1 day


Teach three points per pallet and one point per pickup position. Let the installation wizard guide you through the configuration

Pally benefits

    Up to 10/20 products per min (single/double grip)
    Choose from preset pallet sizes or use a custom size
    Create patterns fast with the web-based pattern generator without downtime
    Longevity of the robot through optimized path planning
    Flexible to future changes in production
    Use your preferred gripper
    Lifting column support
    Shim paper support or interlocking layers
    Insert your own callbacks

    Maximum installation time: 1 day

user interface

    Intuitive installation wizard
    Easy for both technicians and line operators to use and do the necessary changes
    Allows changing boxes and pallets in one or two production lines
    No coding skills required


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Our Pally Partners

Rocketfarm teamed up with global partners to automate palletizing with Universal Robots.

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