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What is it like to be a Rocketfarmer?

The pace in Rocketfarm is high, and there are great possibilities to work on things that are both interesting and inspiring. I experience great freedom to design my own workday and use the tools we consider to be the most relevant. I try to help where i’m needed, in order to get projects to the finish line. I can assist with for example everything from system development to project management.

What kind of rocketfarmer are you?

I hope to live up to a typical Rocketfarmer, which resembles focusing on solving problems by using curiosity, professionalism and utilising technology to create customer value.

Why work in Sogndal?

Sogndal was chosen because of the exciting environment on Campus, where professional skills are combined with enthusiasm and the genuine desire to get things done. After many years in Bergen, we acquired a farm in a forgotten and very beautiful valley just north of Sogndal. Rocketfarm has an attractive combination of skilled people, great aspirations and interesting assignments.

What happens after the workday is over?

Most of my spare time is spent with my kids, and on an old farm in a desolate valley in western Norway. When I get some alone time I enjoy taking the chainsaw out or doing some brewing, cycling, and carpentry.

Rocketfarm with a few words:

Rocketfarm is a group of forward-leaning people I look forward to meeting every morning. I enjoy working together and finding solutions on interesting problems for our ambitious customer.

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