Robotar og teknologi for din industri


What is it like to be a Rocketfarmer?

As a Rocketfarmer I can manage my work day to my liking. I work mostly with the tasks that interest me the most, and I am a pretty restless person. I work with a wide range of different tasks. Typical assignments can be, finding out what kind of technology we can use, software development, robotics, project management, customer contact and strategic choices for the business, etc.
In short: Great variety.

What kind of rocketfarmer are you?

One who is engaged. I like my job a great deal and it’s a big part of my identity. My contribution to the business is my commitment, technical expertise, project management and compassion. As a businessperson i can be relentless, eager to find out new things and raise issues that have not been resolved before – and to convey this knowledge to others.

Why work in Sogndal?

The combination of work and leisure fits me impeccably. I am excited to go to work, but I also look forward to be able to go skiing, climbing or to walk out in the nature when the work day is over.

What happens after the workday is over?

As above, I prefer skiing, climbing and just enjoying the beautiful outdoors. The social network in Sogndal is great and has a lot to offer, so it’s never hard to fill my afternoons with great activities that make my heart rate both low or high.

Rocketfarm with a few words:

Seriously, playful cooperation.

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