Robotar og teknologi for din industri

About me:

What kind of Rocketfarmer are you?

I work a lot with the strategical and organisational aspect of the company. I look at what direction we should go and how to build a good workplace for dedicated hard working technologists.

Why work in Sogndal?

I am from a village nearby and am one of the few from the region. The reason I am so happy in Sogndal is the good work-life balance; short distance to everything, 12min to the ski lift and 4min to the worlds biggest indoor football court.  We also have 3000 students who make sure the cultural life and the restaurants are good (enough). I travel a lot with work and think Sogndal is a great place to live, both for adults and kids.

What happens after the workday is over?

With three kids there are a lot of logistical aspects that need to be solved. But when we have walking distance to all the activities, we can’t really complain. As an eager hunter, the autumn weekends i have to spare are spent 1000 meters above sea level. And after working 10 years in Sogndal Fotball (soccer team) the engagement around the club and campus is something that is very important to me. Otherwise the family and I like to travel, and in December we would gladly fly 10hours to any destination, if we have both the money and time to our advantage.

Rocketfarm with a few words:

A company that is looking forward to the future and that wants to help embellish it.

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