Robotar og teknologi for din industri


What is it like to be a Rocketfarmer?

It is rewarding and educational. Most of my days I spend trying to understand the customer’ needs, and solve challenges by creating what they require. This provides me with a wide range of work assignments: From customer contact and project management, to the specification and development of hardware and software. With a varied portfolio I get to learn a wide range of different things, and to work in both a conceptual and project-specific manner.

What kind of rocketfarmer are you?

I am a robot developer. I share my knowledge of how to control mechanics by using electronics and programming, and have experience working in such projects – especially integration and delivery. I am analytical, objective and quality conscious, as well as accurate, reliable, versatile and I have a course of study I am very proud of. I also have a tendency to become very engaged in the work that I do.

Why work in Sogndal:

I have had Rocketfarm in the corner of my eye for a while, and I have said for quite some time that I would like to move to Sogndal for several reasons. Sogndal has one of the best trails for skiing and cycling in the country. I also have family in Sandane, and friends from my childhood that i’m still in touch with. In addition, there are many activities and happenings in Sogndal. The place is very vibrant and constantly evolving.

What happens after the workday is over?

My first priority is my kid. Otherwise there are a lot of sports on the agenda; climbing, horse riding and skiing. Furthermore, I am interested in music and I play the guitar. I am fond of making things and always have several projects going on (weather station and smart games). Beyond this I have always loved cars, motorcycles and computer games.

Rocketfarm with a few words:

Crowd of skilled and committed people who like a challenge.

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