Robotar og teknologi for din industri


What is it like to be a Rocketfarmer?

It’s a privilege compared to working in a traditional, often conservative environment. It is informal, with great freedom and opportunity for development.

What kind of Rocketfarmer are you?

The old, grumpy man, as I am the oldest in the Rocketfarm team.  Although i hope that my long experience makes up for it. I am the project manager and have the responsibility of overseeing the progress and completion of various projects.

Why work in Sogndal?

I have known about Rocketfarm since they started up and always thought it was an interesting company. I have a girlfriend and bonusfamily in Sogndal, which made Sogndal an easy choice.

What happens after the workday is over?

Mainly something to do with music. I am part owner of a production company, and i make and play music. I am also fond of the sea and mountain life.

Rocketfarm with a few words:

Innovative and a company that think differently and create new ideas.

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